Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Favorite protective style

WIGS adoration: WIGS are my absolute fav's while I know a lot of people who HATE lace front wigs I happen to like them. I have gotten very good with applying and wearing them with or without make up
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Aprils fashions

For those of you named April AREN'T you glad that the month of April has passed...hopefully no more side-eyed joked
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Henna aplication #1

My first attempt to henna was not as successful as I would like! First I forgot that it needed to be mixed with something acidic ugh so when applied I'm not sure weather or not I've seen some conditioning process from it will try again though.
I did not like how it left my hair feeling really stripped n kinda dirty. This package left deposits in my hair that were very hard to get out later!
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DAY 25: Daniel FAST

SO in my efforts to lose weight I started a Daniel Fast with my church on Sunday 04/10/11. At that time my weight was to e uncontrolled.... Im 27, 5'2 and weighed 155lbs....111 days of NO meat, dairy, sweetners, FATS and processed foods and I am feeling and i might say so LOOKING GOOD!

This is taking my EAT CLEAN to a whole new level! after the initial 21 days I am gonna continue and maybe slowly introduce so dairy like eggs and milk but all in all Im not hungry and Im not missing the JUNK like i thought i Would!

AFTER 25 days I have lost 3 inches and maintain a weight of 150lbs.