Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Portuguese for Kinky, curly Nappy?

Mississippi Damned Trailer

Based on true events and spanning between 1986 and 1998, Mississippi Damned follows three young African Americans in the rural south as they suffer through the devastating cycles of poverty, addiction and abuse.

Wanting to escape was the easy part. Taking place in 1986 and 1998 and based on a true story, three poor, Black kids in rural Mississippi reap the consequences of their family’s cycle of abuse, addiction, and violence. They independently struggle to escape their circumstances and must decide whether to confront what’s plagued their family for generations or succumb to the same crippling fate, forever damned in Mississippi. Bitterly honest and profoundly subtle, writer/director Tina Mabry successfully captures growing up in a world where possibilities and opportunities seem to die in the face of the suffocating reality of physical and sexual abuse, obsession, and a myriad of destructive compulsions.

USA 2009 120min
Director: Tina Mabry
Producers: Morgan Stiff & Lee Stiff

Friday, February 18, 2011

Bohemian Chic

There's a new store in TOWN and on FACEBOOK! Its a cute lil boutique qith very reasonable prices!
The 18th Block is a cute Daughter and MOM store that has great fashions you can find jewelry, scents, candles, shoes, and other accesories!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Outfit 2-16-11

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Jacket Ross Stores; Dress Old Navy:; Belt It's Fashions
Make-up: Iman DarkII mineral powder, Concealor; Maybelline Pink Rouge Blush, B&G lipgloss

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So over the weekend I had my hair blowdried n straightend in order to get a was kinda relaxing to have someoen else do my hair! I ended up going to JCPennies they were having a special.. spent a total of $15 with the young lady ABI who did my hair was of mixed chick and was kinda amazed tha tI hadnt had a perm in 18months... YOu could tell that i need a trim as soon as she finished blowdrying my ends were a ratty mess!... And you can see from the las tpic I tried to wear my hair str8 but that look just doesnt work for my lenght anymore.. Im not really missing the straight hair anymore LOL... so afterwards i went back to the PUFF... the stylist also recommended this Curly Pudding for my hair since it was kinda dry! WEll see how i like it after a week

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