Wednesday, December 30, 2009

REFLECTIONS: Growing stronger, more resilient and healthier

2009 started out very STRONG you could say for me...I came into this new year Engaged and ready for a new life and family..What I ended the year with was completely and utterly DIFFERENT....

1. I'm not married and I NOW have 2 of the most precious lil BLESSINGS that GOD ever thought to give me! To steal a quote from Sunshine I am "Growing stronger, more resilient and healthier" everyday. So it just seemed very appropiate for this TOPIC!

For all of you who know know me and those who Don't: Today would have been the start of my wedding have been completed tomorrow at midnight...I was so super excited for this day...and NOW I'm Still super excited...
Why even though I am not getting married and the major attempt at a "grown-up" realtionship failed I have LEARNED so much about mysekf and my family that has me grateful and realizing how BLESSED I TRUELY AM!
1.I realized that settling for anything Less is never worth the end result
2. Family is Family and no matter what they are always there
3. Accepting everything for what it/they are.
4. Stop making assumptions
5. What is not being said is ALWAYS louder and more important than what is said!

2009 has been a whirlwind of a year...Some bad Mostly GOOD and for that I will go into the new Year not SETTLing...and Growing stronger, more resilient and healthier FOR ME, MYSLEF and I!

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