Friday, September 2, 2011


Lifestyle: Honestly I like where I live its country without being to rural...I wish that it were more famiy centered and less catered to military folks but It's growing. Its a great place to raise a family and property values are fairly good...I'm 3.5 hrs away from Dallas and 1.5 away from OKC.. two fairly big cities
Honestly I'm a bit confused in this area Im content but not truly satisfied....if that makes any sense

WORK: So I actually Love the aspects of my job.. I'm a non-profit Program Director.. I love that I get to help people in my community especially those in need. The only caveat to it is that its fairly low paying. I make just enough to where i can not qualify for state aid (Thank YOU) I also dislike that I work in an office where they are "used" to doing things.. and when I say or do something new its such a big shock (Dang OK - RED STATE)

Education: I'm very Proud of what I've accomplished thus far... BA and MS not to bad.... I would LOVE to go further maybe Ph. D or even licensure as a counselor or full on MD

Finances: THIS is the AREA of my life that needs the MOST work!!! I make just enough to not live check to check but I do NOT Follow my monthly budget and I am the QUEEN of bill juggling! UGH and this is something I HATE with a passion... I NEED to exercise more self control!

HEALTH: I feel like I've been to complacent in this area. I'm fairly healthy but I could be HEALTHIER! Since college Ive gained way more lbs that I'd like to admit but I'm slowly conquering my love of food and Eating to live not to EAT! If i can MAster the Eating Clean lifestyle I'll be very Happy!

FAMILY: This is m kinda LOVE/ HATE thing here... My immediate family sisters, children parents ..I LOVE and would DO anything within my POWER for them. MY other family cousins, aunts uncles I can not stand.....I think they all fit every stereotype I felt I was running away from when I went to college- Drunk, cant live w/o men, poor self esteem, bad health, and GOSSIP-Y. I choose not to deal with them directly if I can help it.. but in a small town sometimes it hard

Now this is a tough one... I had convinced my self at some point within the last 3 yrs that I was ok being single and that I was getting to know my self... I believe that this is true. I also dont believe that I' less of a women or mom if I want or feel like I need a man (partner). 1. I feel like I'm short changin my girls a father figure!!!! (I've meet a really great man that so far is GREAT)
With friends I feel like I have a very solid INNER circle that no time space or distance can separate Us... I recently took a really long look at some of the people that i was continuously associating myself with and realized that by continuing to speak or interact I was condoning their RATCHET-NESS and DRAMA and bringing it into my life...Since withdrawing I've been much more centered (maybe selfish but Eh!)

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