Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Qhemet Biologicals

So after breaking down and using everything that i previosuly had in the bathroom..I was able to buy a new product to try in my hair...For those of you who didnt already know I have very COARSE hair..and usually no matter what i put in it how many times i DC or moisturize it usually stays or FEELS extra dry to me....even on the days where I moisturize or spritz my hair every couple of hous it usually looks and feels DRY! This line of products was recommended by a lady on Fotki that was having the same problem..So I bought the SAMPLE size....for $11.00 (no sense in being stuck with alot of product, that didnt work for more money)

I bought this Hydrating BALM and HEAVY cream and I LOVES LOVES LOVES IT! I washed my hair and used about a quarter size and SO FAR so GOOD! thats all it took...immediately my hair felt SOFTER..looked a lil bit more "livly-er" and after the morning steam shower and a lil bit of coconut oil feels so much better!

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I would definitely resommend this blend for those with Coarse DRY hair......check it out here @ Qhemet

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