Tuesday, August 31, 2010


HELLO LADIES it is officail 365 days of me being TOTALLY NATURAL! YEAH ME
for those that know me you know that my hair changes witht he wind...there were times were i really considered going back to the cREAMY crack but to no AVAIL!..I'm loving and learning my self from HEAD to TOE!
Back in August/Sept 2009

August 31, 2010...NOW I have about 4 inches of very kinky healthy HAIR!


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Things I've learned:
1. SLOW and STEADY wins the race
2. Not all products are created EQUAL... just bc its expensive doestn mean it works
3. STOP buying everything just bc it worked for others
4. LISTEN to your hair
5. USe protective styles...

Goals for the NEW year:
1. Find a NEW Regime
3. Less is always more
$. Find my signauter style!

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