Tuesday, November 3, 2009


In preparation of Daylight savings time I set my clock 10 mins faster each day so that the new time wouldnt be tha big of a shock for me...I have abig problem with time changing. I would rather it stayed the same....Since I'm in a building Majority of the day I dont see the efects for a new time..Doesn't really bother me one way or another..Its light when I get out the car in the morning and light when i get ready to head home :)....
But Since I got my schedule all our of wack I've been waking up extra early according to my clock...So It's time I put my time to GOOD use....
Since the 1st I have been going to the GYM faithfully...
Im settin my schedule as is :
MON, WED, FRI- Cardio
Tue, Thr- Wieght Training and toning
Sat..free day kids activity
Sun.. light walking around the block..until it gets to cold for the girls..Trust pushing a 2 person stroller is a workout!

Right now I weight 125lbs even....I'm looking mainly to Tighten my Mommy Tummy and tone up...

Any sugestions would be nice!!!!

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