Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hairfluence #5


LADIES let me preface this by saying I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at Ms J's pictures...Not only is she my SOROR but she is a great fashion MASTER....Please take a moment to browse her pics and read her comments!

NM: What’s your name how old are you and where are you from?
Jocelyn, 26, Nashville

NM: Why did you make the decision to go natural, and when did you do it?
I went natural in high school because I had a basketball coach who was naturally curly

NM: What products/ingredients do you use?
Ive used soooo many but now I staying with Ms. Jessies and KINKY CURL (i love it)

NM: Could you describe your regimen?
I had a regimen before I found the kinky curl but not anymore it works wonders

NM: What mistakes have you made in your natural journey that you've learned from?
Using products for white girls and bleaching my hair!!

NM: Where do you get style inspiration from?
I love the 80s so I like to spin off on their style

NM: How does your hair work for your life?
It works great because I don't have to worry about rain or sweating my hair while doing hot yoga! (info plug..but Ladies Hot Yoga is not for the meek..LOL )

NM: Did it take long for your hair to grow out?
It didn't take long at all. It actually grew alot quicker when i conditioned it more and stopped using curling irons.

NM: What's the best thing about being natural?
Exactly what it says, I'm 100% NATURAL

NM: Favorite Quote?

Never lower yourself to the level of your opponent or you will never be a true contender of the game.

and anything else you'd like to add for your POST!!!

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