Monday, October 26, 2009


................Introducing CAREE!!!!

NM: What’s your name how old are you and where are you from?
Caree Banton, 27, from Jamaica

NM: Why did you make the decision to go natural, and when did you do it?
I always wanted to go natural, mostly because I really loved Lauryn Hill's look when she bursted on the scene with the Fugees in the early '90s. But also because I really wanted to make a statement to my really snobbish family--have them think twice about judging the lifestyle of Jamaican Rastafarians. I figured if somebody in their family have dreadlocks too, then ... I wanted to go natural from the late 90s but since I had to remain in my parents' home, it thought it most prudent to wait. I decided, after several attempts in college, to finally grow looks around the end of 2002.

NM: What products/ingredients do you use?
I started out using lock it up, then there are some Jamaican mango lime products (smells great and available at most hair stores)

NM: Could you describe your regimen?
Hmmm, I don't have much of one. Sometimes I like having it neat and sometimes I like it looking real unkempt!

NM: What mistakes have you made in your natural journey that you've learned from?
One time my roots had grown out so much I decided to texturize it. (don't do that, makes your hair really weak).

NM: Where do you get style inspiration from?
I really hate the elaborate styling of dreadlocks. But sometimes if I am wearing something really chic I will do my hair up nicely. I consider myself some kind of a bohemian-chic girl, so I often come up with hairstyles that reflects that!

NM: How does your hair work for your life?
Hmmm, when I played college soccer it was great! No sweating out perms and all this other crap. But my hair is beginning to get on my nerves now. Mostly because I like changes and having dreads don't allow for much versatility. You also find that maintaining dreadlocks can take up just as much time (sometimes even more) than having a perm. That defeats one of the purpose of why I got them in the first place!

NM: Did it take long for your hair to grow out?
If you put braids (extensions) in your hair, it will grow out quickly, i've found.

NM: What's the best thing about being natural?
The absolutely best thing is that you don't look like a Rhianna wannabe! Everybody else walking around in the same hairstyle, all this fake ass wigs, hair pieces, running from themselves...They all FAIL and lose at life! I like looking different!

NM: Favorite Quote?
Happy to be Nappy homie!

and anything else you'd like to add for your POST!!!
April, I'm really impressed with your move. I admire you for that. Let's keep in touch.

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