Thursday, October 22, 2009


To me it seems like I've been waiting for my hair to GROW forEVER..truthfully though its only been about 2 months..but when I digress and think about my Chemical days I remember that in all its been my whole life..I look at pictures from when I was young and I had LONG, Pretty THICK hair that stayed din plaits and twists because my Aunt Pat (REST IN PEACE) used to spend all day Friday doing all the girls hair. IT wasn't until I was about 8 or 9 and back with my MOM full time that i received my chemical introduction..(***For those of you who don't know or didn't know...I'm an Army brat both of my parents where in the Army..which meant that me and my sisters spent alot of time with extended family members while our parents where stationed elsewhere***)
MY mom is a SELF PROCLAIMED tomboy..she has the THICKEST BLACKEST hair that I have ever seen and guess what she loves to keep it short..(Oh the IRONY)

When I first started this Journey I KNEW that it wouldn't be easy and that it would take all of my patience. I never expected to ENJOY the JOURNEY as much as I felt I'd joy the end result. LOL...Man has it been a ride

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