Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hairfluence # 1

I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Karen Hartfield, the summer of my junior year in high school, where we both participated in "High Ability" (Advance program where "high schoolers" are given the opportunity to experience college life). Even then she was very opinionated and self assured!
Today She is an awesome and thriving Entrepreneur and MOM!

Introducing K. Hartfield:

NM: Where are you from?
K: I'm from Lake Charles, LA

NM:Why did you make the decision to go natural and when did you do it?

K: I decided to go natural after Katrina, when I moved back home I became frustrated with hair stylists out here. Dedicating my Saturdays to the beauty shop, just got old afterwhile. My last perm was August of 2006. I transitioned until May 2007 when I did the "Big Chop"

NM: What Products or ingredients do you use?
K: I'm not product loyal @ the time, but i do love using Sunsilk's Captivating curls defrizz conditioner after washing with Do-Grow shampoo. as far as daily moisturizing i use Mizani's oil free moisturizer, Just for Me creme conditioner & hair dress, Smooth & Shine's curling mousse & styling gel.

NM: Could you describe your regime?K:I truly just go with what i feel is needed using the products above.

NM: What mistakes have you made in your Natural Journey that you have learned from? K: not combing through & getting trims when needed

NM: Where do you get style insppiration from?
K: my mood, it's like getting dressed for the day. i ask myself "what look am i in the mood for?"

NM: How does your hair work for your Career and life?
K: As a business owner of my own massage therapy practice it works well, even with it being Red! People love it & so do I. It always makes for a great conversation piece;-)

NM: Did it take long for your hair to grow out?
K: Not long @ all. that's kind of a hard question to answer, b/c it never stops growing. but to get to a length where i could truly feel my new look, about 2-3 months.

NM: What's the best thing about being Natural?
K: Not having to worry about the weather;-) And the Sense of freedom isn't to bad either. I like that it sets me apart.

Latest Pics: New Red Color

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