Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kaygans first DC

So after a lil research I knew that there was something that I Wasnt doing right with my lil ones hair...Mainly Kaygan would get her hair washed with Johnson N Johnson baby shampoo, a lil bit of kids detangler and some grease and ponytails...But lately I've noticed that her hair length has been about the same since shes turned 1. She has 3 maybe 4A hair...It very curly and thick in the crown and wispy and thin around the perimeter.

So this Sunday we tried a DC using 1/2 Coconut Oil, (6 drops)Jojoba oil and 1/2 Lusters Cholestorel Conditioner....AND IT turned out GREAT!!! Her hair was really soft and her curls were way more defined...IT was easier to comb though and SHE didnt yell at me that I was hurting her!!! Yeah...So this will probaly be added to our week-end to do list...

Just for fun: Kaygan playing dress up in some old clothes and decided to use her yogurt cup as a face masks...LOL Gotta love the kiddies. Isn't she CUTE!!!

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