Monday, August 17, 2009

Inabeling SELF-HATRED..supporting OUR cause

This topic here is a combination of ,any things..observations and thin some semi-public polling...

Background Story:
Basically I was having a conversation with an old friend, you know one of those where you have to kinda catch up on the things that you've missed in each others lives...Well I was asked what was new in my life and I responded that I cut my hair in order to go natural and the RESPONSE as some can guess was not very positive... And I'm thinking WHAT THE H*LL!
Here I am talking to a educated (Master's Degree) man and he's questioning my decision to go natural because "there was nothing wrong with my hair before" So I began to wonder how come BLACK men LOVE and I Repeat LOVE women with long STRAIGHT hair vs the more natural women who's hair come in all different lengths and and textures.
I grew up in a house where my mom DID NOT comb hair..either my older sister did it or we went to the beautician. I didnt get a perm until I was about 10 or 12 but I wanted it :(.... Even then all of my life i can remember people telling me that I had "bad hair" I mean even with a perm my hair wouldnt lay down flat/ straight like most others...It's very thick and Kinky....What I am learning to love now!. What I think is so funny is that in my "circle" the people's who opinions that mattered the most with me. I have recieved the best support and even suggestions. My mom and sister have embraced the "different me" (although I've always been the Weird on in the family)

I really think that it very ironic that some BLACK men will judge us (BLACK-WOMEN) harsher than others for choosing to be different. ITs about embracing our own Identity and being Nappy and content with that knowledge. I've recieved alot of "comments" bout my choice...Some good; most not so nice..whats funny though is that The BLACK men have made the most "not so nice" comments then other races. My boyfriend who is Hawaiin happens to LOVE the new look...and what I love so much is that he tells me this on a daily basis....before deciding on going natural i was on the fence like really back and one day he says just cut it off and see if u like it....

To me it just seems like our children and men and even our culture are advocating for self-hatred rather than supporting. Its so strange that you see other cultures wanting and getting what we always figured where Afro-centric identifying attributes. i.e. bigg butt, and plump lips, darker skin (tanning)!

So in the end Has anyone else experienced more support from others out side the African-American/black community and How do you feel about that?

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