Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Organic Virgin Coconut OIL: 8.00 for 16oz jar (found it at the Whole Foods Store)

Fantasia Thick n Shine Gel: 4.00 for 16 oz
Avocado Oil: 6.00 for 8 oz bottle
Lusters Cholesterol: 3.50 for a 20oz jar
Unrefined Shea Butter: 8.00 for 10oz jar
Most items where found at either the Whole Foods Store or the Beauty Supply Store.
Ok so here is where my jouney began. After looking up plenty of suggestions and hair treatments on the blogs I decided to play around with some things that I already had (just wasnt using for my hair) and came out with some really good results. Generally I'd spend about 50.00 just on hair products alone after getting a perm so these homemade remedies will come in so handy (and pretty cheap too: Total of about 30 bucks).
For a moisturizer I mixed:
1/2 cococnut oil, 1/2 cholestorel with 6 drops of avocado oil.
For a Deep Conditioner:
I used the same mixed with 3 tbls of Shea butter and left on for an hour...30 min spent under the hood dryer with a plastic bag....
My hair ended up very SOFT and more manageable....I can see some curls starting to develope but it's still too short!!! :)

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