Monday, September 14, 2009


This was in my inbox this morning ladies...any advice???
SO this is why i need a personal hairstylist/hair braider. I cant keep dealing with this...but we all know i can not cut it!! Props to you April cause I aint gonna be able to do it!! I do know that I dont wanna perm it so what to do with it? Need advice ASAP

ADVICE: OK OK OK OK I posted this to my blog...But really no need to cut or GO CRAZY...TRY some twist outs/ a braid out....Wash and condition hair like normal....then try twisting your hair up into bantu knots or doing some flat twists.....
Sally's has these new curlers called..."CURLFORMERS and they make really CUTE twists and long curls and this is something that you could do ona day off and wear all week....

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