Monday, September 21, 2009

NEW YEAR, New Attitude!!!!

So in celebration for the "Jewish" new year and upcoming events I'm planning a totally you CHALLENGE!
For the new year I am picking 5 new things to start working on and COMPLETE before the end of the YEAR...

1. For October I plan on starting both of my girls their own savings accounts. They have acounts under my savings plan but I'm gonna start one that only they (the girls and my mom) will have access to... Penny saved is a PENNY Earned!

2. Work on getting my business plan coordinated and finished

3. MASTER Cleanse: this is a ongoing project I plan to do one of these every quarter

4. BUDGET, BUDGET, BUDGET: i have a working budget that is very loose...meaning that I dont stick to it very rigidly....I have disposable income and I tend to use it on frivolous things like eating out...LAZY LAZY LAZY

5. Make time for ME...I tend to only do things that involve my girls...taking a lil me time is a must in order to take care of them!

So end the end All of these "project"s tie into each other and When i stick with them I will REAP GREAT REWARDS!!!

So Ladies what are your plans for the NEW YEAR (Jewish)?....

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