Monday, September 21, 2009

Kaygan's DC # 2

SO Kaygan's DC's have kinda taking a back seat to her RINGWORM!!! This lil bugger of mine LOVEs, LOVEs, LOVEs Dirt, grass, animals...and she picked up a ringworm from her love of dirt..(I'll never understand for someone who hates to get their hairwashed, why she insists on putting things in her EVERYTHING)

So we haven't been able to do much with her hair since she had to keep it "dry"...Our routine has been..every 2-3 days wahs her hair with Selsun Blue Medicated Shampoo, Condition her hair only, and put her "Kentolozoan" cream on top and style around her lil bald spot...ARGH

So now that it has started to clear up and she's cleared to go back to school, I decided she needed a good deep conditioner, to add some shine and sheen to her unruly do!!!
What I used was a Bluberry Banana conditioner:

Half a container of blueberry Banana baby food, added 1 tablespoon of honey, mixed in some VO5 Tea Tree Conditioner...
I rinsed her hair with warm water, shampoo'd with the selsun blue, then rinsed with diluted ACV (1 part AVC to 4 parts H2O) from there I applied our lil home made mix and combed it thru....Here I detagled and put into four sections (mindful to keep her infected part dry and separated) we let this sit for about 20 mins...we went and watched an episode of the Care bears in case your wondering!!LOL
Rinse with luke warm water and applied Coconut oil mixed with jojoba and avocado oil... and out the door we go

Also: FYI Jayla just turned 5 months yay..and we celebrated with a lil mini party where she got to taste her first piece of cake and ICE CREAM!!!! and in hair issues I usually dont do much with Jayla's hair..It is very THICK and Curly and she still has both her soft spots so she usually just gets a quick comb thrue and some oil...Yesterday we did 2 cute even though she didn't like the process
I did 2 ponytails on top where her hair is the thickest...I used to coated bands and just a lil bit of oil.... TOO CUTE

FYI: My mom is from the country and we tend to use those old time remedies for things like wingworm and small issues, but in this instance I didnt want to try putting bleach on her hair bc she's out in the sun alot...and the OTC creams didnt work....I always advise that if a home remedy doesnt work in a couple of days go to the DR.... Better Safe than Sorry

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