Friday, September 11, 2009

DO Better: Universal healthcare

So of course I missed President Obama's address to Congress the first night it aired :( And The Presidential Speech that aired to the school campuses..So I made up for it Thursday morning at work...Now I have had a couple of things that have bothered me lately since tis healthcare debate has picked up!

1. I work in the healthcare Industry and everyday I see ow Money is wasted to train/protect/ defend Medicare and Medicaid..To me that is money that could have been put back into the system to fund/support more people/medications/ programs!

2. I remember when I was in the 5th grade. former Pres George Bush #1. televised a back to school special that aired in school. We DID NOT get the option to NOT was forced down our throats and every dang ole school topics was addressed and changed to flow around his message...So tell me if it was good enough then then Dang it YOUR conservative RIGHT WING AZZED children should have to listen to OUR President's BACK to SCHOOL MESSAGE!

3. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE that focuses on PREVENTATIVE Medicine vs. Pill popping..think about it if you take care of your self, eat right, take vitamins (C, B- B12) and exercise you'll have less health problems...Now all these might total to be about 100 a month..but think about what you pay after your sick: Dr's visit $135.00 uninsured, (25 co-pay insured), Prescription: any where from 20-100 bucks, missed hours from work (8-3hrs x hourly rate). It really begins to add up....

4. YOUNG PEOPLE: please save up some money... MEDICARE runs out of funds in 2017.... so guess what if it's not fixed all those FICA. SS taxes you pay is all for NOTHING!!! Can I write in for a refund? Seriously where do i get my mney back?

I say all this to say Please keep in mind what all is involved in President Obama's health care plan, write and call your representatives and let them know that you do support it, even if it means a raise in taxes...think abotu it really your paying for a service that you wont see at all NOW!! Thanks LBJ and Former prsident Truman

FYI: Truman was the first medicare reciepient!

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